Intellectual Property

Academicians, students and other inventors can get in touch directly with ARPROGED via “ Invention Notification Form” which is located on Okan University Web site and also Web Portal of ARPROGED. Invention notification form received by ARPROGED is reviewed by Intellectual Property Committee, which is formed by ARPROGED, and invited academicians who is expert in the area of invention. State of art status, venture requirements for development and commercialization, and potential added values are evaluated. Patent research is performed for finalized invention notifications by contracted patent attorney. ARPROGED and contracted patent attorney evaluate if patent application is then to be processed for PCT or not.ARPROGED is organized especially patent, trademark, work of art, utility model trainings for stakeholders and academicians. Various seminars and conferences are arranged with intellectual property specialists in patent offices; TTOs under USIMP Platform (ARPROGED is a member of USIMP); LES-Turkey which is a branch of Licensing Executive Society. All of these seminars and activities are open to enrol for individuals both from Okan University and other institutions.