About Us

Okan University Technology Transfer Office (ARPROGED) presents was established the outcomes of research and new technologies developed in the Okan University to the industry for satisfying the needs of institutions and organizations and to create an economic value for our national development. ARPROGED, which was established to serve as Okan University’s university industry interface, aims to facilitate transferring the knowledge to the industry and commercialize the added value.

ARPROGED was established in 2011 to access the scientific and technological knowledge easily, produce technology based know-how, lead the commercializing process of technology based knowledge and support technology transfer and entrepreneurship. ARPROGED has been supported within the scope of Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBİTAK) “1601-Capacity Building for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Grant Program” since January 2015.

Vision of ARPROGED, which defined as the Okan University’s “Technology Transfer Office”, is to increase  the technological knowledge production capacity in international scale and to commercialize the produced knowledge for the benefits of society.

Mission of ARPROGED is to increase the scientific and technological knowledge production capacity via the university-industry collaboration and present these produced knowledge based  new technologies to the industry, create funding for research projects by utilizing appropriate international and national  funding sources and to protect intellectual property  for creating platforms to entrepreneurs via conversion of know-how to commercial value.