For Industry

Knowledge is the most important main constituent in today’s word which technological developments become crucial. Universities are the one of the primary places where knowledge production carried out. Okan University’s research activities are targeting to produce knowledge which benefits today’s innovative technological developments. ARPROGED, which  plays an active role transferring the innovative technology to industry which has been produced  by Okan University Academicians, manages all of the university-industry collaboration activities.

ARPROGED performs below listed activities for the university- industry collaboration;

  • Identify industry needs.
  • Identify  proper academicians for satisfying the defined needs.
  • Design the needs technically.
  • Project management support after realization.

Targets of ARPROGED’s activities are to create a university-industry systematic by providing sustainable collaboration by mutual trust and tolerance,  satisfying industry’s needs, and transferring new technologies to the society.  

You can contact us for all of your ideas about collaboration with the Okan Universty which continues its researches with the motto of “The University Closest to Business Life”.