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Wednesday, November 30, 2016 - 09:00 to 17:30
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Radisson Blu Hotel Istanbul Sisli, 19 Mayıs, 19 Mayıs Cd. No:2, 34360 Şişli
The ICTurkey 2016 International Brokerage will bring together 300 participants from Europe and Turkey, coming from both research and industrial communities in the ICT domain.

Event Description: 

This will not only give you the unique opportunity to connect with Turkish and European researchers to discuss ICT project ideas, but also to talk to TUBITAK H2020 representatives (and National Contact Points) to get first-hand information about the upcoming H2020 ICT calls.

The event will target five calls of the Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) and Cross-cutting Activities themes of H2020:
•Big Data
•Micro- and Nano-electronics

If you are a researcher, academic, industry professional or policy expert coming from either the public or private sector (including SMEs) from an EU Member State or Associated Country, we may be able to reimburse you for your travel to Istanbul and your accommodation. See more...

Event Focus
•Keynote Speeches from Turkey and the EU on latest trends and policies
•Presentation of proposal ideas in 4 parallel workshops
•Short, sharp 15 minute face-to-face meetings to foster effective networking
•Poster sessions of the most successful projects with Turkish participation

Why participate
•Present your ideas for proposals in the upcoming H2020 calls and find the right partners
•Find new commercial/technological/research partners
•Get the latest information on calls for ICT related topics

How does it work?
•Register and publish your collaboration offerings
•Browse the participant list and book meetings with companies you are interested in
•Two weeks before the event you receive your meeting schedule

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